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Customer quote: "The competition constantly prove Lifereef products are superior!"

32 years of Wet/Drys, Berlins, Protein Skimmers, and many other marine and freswater filter related items goes a long way when it comes to products that remain stable and not changed every year for another gimmick or fad. Out of date, certainly not when the performance and quality and longevity constantly outdo obsolesence for sake of a new ad campaing or outright poorly designed products. Go Lifereef or go obsolete.

Gimmicks and fads sell, but true performance lasts a lifetime...

More than 95 percent of Lifereef customers are those hobbyists fed up with the mass-marketing game of try our "new" product again, and again, and again. But once a Lifereef customer replaces all those "gimmicks and promises" with a Lifereef product they wished they had found Lifereef the first time around. Do yourself a HUGE favor, get Lifereef now, you'll be a LifeReefer forever!

Filter products designed to work together as a system, not a bunch of miscellaneous stuff thrown into a plastic box.

Jeff No one has been building Berlin Systems, Sumps, Wet/Drys and Protein Skimmers longer than Jeff Turcheck at Lifereef!
31 years of fantastic Lifereef products, superior design, EXPERIENCE, and great customer service!
No other company has been making Wet/Dry Filters, Berlin Systems, reliable Protein Skimmers, Fail-Proof Prefilter Overflows, and numerous other reef filtration products as long as Lifereef.
Growing up in a home (and garage) filled with an abundance of machine tools, woodworking tools, milling machines and metal lathes and parents that allowed Jeff to discover all these wonderful "playthings" and later years in the aerospace industry as both a toolmaker and a draftsman has allowed Jeff to be an expert designer/fabricator and an expert craftsman in many materials. Add to this the desire for things to be as simple as possible without sacrificing efficiency many of the Lifereef products are over 20 years "old" yet are still as up-to-date as anything currently on the market, and many hobbyists say are better. You could say "ahead of their time" way back then yet better than "state of the art" today.
Since 1984 Jeff has been supplying the discriminating hobbyist with fantastic products and continues to put quality before quantity, truthfulness before shady advertising, tested designs and not marketing fads or gimmicks, and real expectations instead of unrealistic and misleading claims or promises.
Customer service is always an enjoyable part of the Lifereef experience both before and long after the sale.
Calls and emails are usually returned the same day.
Lifereef, for 31 years providing hobbyists with excellence!
Sad, but true....... and unfortunately, might be you......

Most of the orders I receive are from those that have tried putting together a sump from company A, a protein skimmer from company B, a pump as recommended by someone on a bulletin board, numerous trips to the hardware store to get more parts, fittings, hose/pipe, more fittings, more pipe, more hose, more time on the bulletin boards, etc. Once up and somewhat running they then spend weeks and months working out more problems such as turbulence, micro-bubbles, noise, too small of a sump, overflowing sumps, overflowing aquariums, refugium problems, then back to the bulletin boards for more "advice" from those wanting to help but cause even more problems.

Then when that frustrated hobbyist does further research and finds Lifereef, usually after numerous recommendations and testimonials from the bulletin boards, they give Lifereef a look, like what they see, enjoy what I have to say, and love what has been built for them.

From the day your boxes arrive with your very own Lifereef System (or any Lifereef product) you will love unpacking the system, admiring it, installing it (all parts are included), filling it with water for a "dry run" test just to satisfy your curiosity and wonder and amazement that something really works as advertised, adding salt, filling the LifeReefugium with sand and algae, maybe a fish or two, adjusting the protein skimmer, and sitting back in wonder that it all really works! No time wasted on bulletin board "advice", no more trips to the hardware store for odd parts, just pure satisfaction!

And if you happen to be a first-time Lifereef customer: Congratulations! You have just saved yourself $$$ and headaches and have joined an exclusive Lifereef community of happy and satisfied customers!

With Lifereef you will NEVER regret your purchase!

Companies (the "larger" mass-production high-exposure places) must always make change, that's what keeps them going. Though some changes are for the better and bring new products to the hobby more often than not those changes are just done to drum up new business which do not offer a better product. Old ads don't sell so the product is changed, no more parts, no more support (if it existed in the first place) and now you have an OBSOLETE product. Many changes don't really do much and just fix the problems they already had, and now you have an obsolete product...... And on it goes......

            Proven designs. Proven performance. No obsolescence.

A recent customer install of a CLF1 Compact Berlin System, Filter Cylinders, Bio-Pellet Reactor, and a LifeReefugium. Look how clean and neat this install is compared to what you may have. Look at that LifeReefugium, HUGE compared to those built-in-the-middle refugiums, nice and deep, and with a separate water flow from the sump. What could be better! In no time that small ball of algae will be overtaking the refugium and need trimming!

"Complaint" Department.......

Hi Jeff. Skimmer is still awful. I never need to adjust it and the stupid thing doesn't clog. The skimmate smells like death and the sludge is so thick I almost need a scraper. My biggest disappointment is how long it takes to clean the cup and neck. I wasted 5 minutes doing that after a week. Then I had so much time left I cleaned up the kitchen. I never had to do that before when I ran my MRC. It took ages to clean. This skimmer is boring lol. Mike

Hey Jeff Just writing to let you know I got the reactor. Another huge disappointment from lifereef. At least my other reactor leaked, and used Home Depot parts that threatened to dump water all over my cabinet at any moment. At least THAT reactor kept a big CO2 bubble at the top. AND, at least that reactor had keyholes to hold on the top. Seriously. I don't even know why I bother to buy your products. Especially at a 40% premium because of our peso currency here in Canada. I was pretty upset at the amount of packing peanuts. Now my 5 year old has a new craft supply box. All the stupid parts were there, and you gave me too much hose. Why would I ever want quick releases? Or stupid silicone grease so the gasket doesn't weld the whole lid on? And seriously? A quiet pump? And a supply pump is included? What are you trying to do? Make the guy who made my reactor look like a rookie? An amateur? Oh wait. Another badass product. Thanks again Jeff. Got her up and running pretty quick and easy, as usual. But don't get me started on that skimmer...... Merry Christmas!

Daily/Weekly Update April 25
CALCIUM REACTOR builds are coming up for May.
Already the list of anxious hobbyists has been growing since our last build in September 2015. These are only made a few times per year. If you want one of the simplest designs, easiest to set up, easiest to dial in, unchanged and reliable for over 20 years in a functional design, not going to be discontinued the following year, full support with replacement parts whenever needed, THIS IS IT!
Only a limited number are going to be made, all those that have pre-ordered will be guaranteed to get one.
May I reserve one for you?......
Check it out here.....

Berlins, Wet/Dry, Custom Sumps: June

24" Protein Skimmers: IN STOCK
30" Protein skimmers: IN STOCK
36" Protein skimmers: IN STOCK
48", 60" and 72" Protein Skimmers: IN STOCK
Prefilter for RSM aquariums: IN STOCK
Prefilter, Nano: IN STOCK
Prefilter, Standard: IN STOCK
Prefilters, Slimline: IN STOCK
Prefilters, Double: IN STOCK
Prefilters, Double Slim-Line: IN STOCK
Filter Cylinders: OUT OF STOCK
Bio-Reactors: IN STOCK, Hang-On version too!
Vectra M1/L1.... Lower than retail!
Neptune/Apex.... Lower than retail!
MP10, 40, 60.... Lower than retail!
MORE STUFF..... just ask..... Lower than retail!
Call 303-978-0940 or email for a quote.

DOES YOUR NEEDLE-WHEEL BUBBLE-PLATE, CONE PROTEIN SKIMMER THING PRODUCE A GUNK LIKE THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT OR A WHIMPY LIQUID LIKE THE ONE ON THE RIGHT? There is a difference in design, there is s difference in performance, there is a difference in how your aquarium will look, and there is a difference in the amount of maintenance required, and the Lifereef Protein Skimmers have had it for over 24 years.


A fantastic customer review HERE

A Lifereef Protein Skimmer won't be obsolete next year as many other skimmers will, or require another very costly needle-wheel pump.

As one satisfied customer put it:
"Awesome" It runs so good it almost boring LOL!"

You don't need a cone, you don't need a bubble-plate, you don't need a needle-wheel, and you certainly don't need the high maintenance routine. What you need is a real protein skimmer, a simple and proven design and Lifereef has had it for 23 years. Love your hobby, not the maintenance.
Are you ready to get out of the hobby?
You just need a more efficient skimmer.
Click here:Protein Skimmers
Lifereef Protein Skimmer users forum: reefcentral.com
CUSTOM WORK always welcome whether it be your sump design, custom prefilter, refugium, acrylic reservoir, etc.
For a quote Email your sketch to lifereef@denver.net

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Berlin System/Sump | Nano System/Sump | Prefilter/Overflow | Protein Skimmer | Refugium/LifeReefugium | Wet/Dry Trickle Filter

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